what is god for you?

sarah faith gottesdiener
date of birth.
place of birth.
hartford, connecticut, usa
woo woo.

mig. in the video you were asked what god is for you. is there something you wish to add?
sg. god is creation and nature and love and discovery.

mig. is the word god controversial for you? if yes why?
sg. it's controversial for me because i think that people use it in negative ways to control other people. i think that whatever you call god, which to me is like spirit or energy, is actually the antithesis of that; god has definitely received a bad rap this time on earth.

mig. do you think of religion when you hear the word god? if yes, why?
sg. yes, because it has been used by religion. i would never use the word god to communicate or describe that connection personally.

mig. do you believe everything happens for a reason, or are we the reason why things happen?
sg. both.

mig. define love. what does love mean for you?
sg. i have been having lots of conversations about this; i feel like love is an action and a verb, i think a lot of people want love to be fast and easy and magical and fireworks, however, the longer you are in the relationship, the more love is about showing up and doing the work, and often times it is quiet painful. i feel like the true epitome of love is stepping out of yourself, being selfless and thinking about the other person, which is actually one of the most difficult things to do.

mig. do you think love is something all life forms share?
sg. yes.

mig. what in your opinion can make a relationship last a whole lifetime?
sg. willingness, and openness and agreeing to change.

mig. what have you learned about life so far?
sg. that it is really hard, and things can change in an instant, and that hindsight always shows you what you wished you had known in the moment that you were going through.

mig. how would you describe us/humanity today?
sg. deeply flawed.

thank you sarah gottesdiener for your participation in the 'mig' project.

videography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.
photography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.

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