what is god for you?

sarah fina connerley
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anything is possible, you just have to be open to believe.

mig. in the video you were asked what god is for you. is there something you wish to add?
sfc. god for me is everything. god for me is the oneness of everything that is, its every universe, its every galaxy, its every star, its every life, its every breath, it is the breath in this life and the life in this breath. its also important for people to understand that people have associations and definitions for god that they have taken on based on other peoples experiences and other peoples beliefs, and whats been written or told to them and i think in order to have a relationship with whatever you believe in its really important to take away anyones else's definitions of god, because its your life and your relationship with whatever you want to call it love, divinity, the all knowing, the great spirit, the source or god there is an energy to it all and that energy is the same. we are all made with that energy, every single thing that has ever existed or will ever exist is energy. that's quantum physics and it's science and it's spirituality. it's very much why we're here. we're here to live our way into a deeper understanding and a deeper connection and a lot of people associate that with god. i associate it with life force energy, though sometimes i use the word god and sometimes i use the word the universe, and i associate it with the love that we are all here to embody and that we are all capable of. that's everything to me.

mig. is the word god controversial for you? if yes why?
sfc. when i was a child i didn't believe in it. i had a really hard time with the word. you want to talk to me about god taking his only son in a book? really? that was a westernised idea. yes it's controversial. in my own heart i have peace about it now, but as a child i questioned about it very much. i didn't understand why there was cruelty and i didn't understand why there was suffering, but i mean great suffering. famines, wars, massacres. i didn't understand the big suffering. i didn't understand why children had to die and starve when so many had so much. i didn't understand why, if there was an all loving god, that would happen. Also, my father was raised catholic and my mother was raised without organised religion, though she was exposed to it a little, and she was very clear that she didn't want to have anything to do with it when she was a little girl. When she married my father she said "our kids will be raised without it and that's how it's going to go" and because of that my sister and i were both really given the opportunity to have our own experiences and ask our own questions. my mother had a very native american set of beliefs and when i would ask her about different things, about god and spirits, she would talk to me about being thankful and thanking in the native american ways. the act of being grateful and the act of expressing gratitude for the life of an animal that you were about to consume and thanking mother earth and father sky for providing it. i started connecting inner spirituality much more with nature. that's where i felt like i observed so much perfection. with my mother, because she chose to say that she didn't believe in god and that she believed in this other set of beliefs, i believed that if there was an all loving god he would never ask me to choose between him and my mother. i don't think there's a god that would say to a child "you have to choose". anything that had these absolutes and these really big rules didn't make sense to me. i remember, i was seven years old and i was sitting in the grass and i was petting it. i had picked a handful of it to look at under the microscope a few days before because i wanted to see what was the same about us, like cells. I was petting the grass, there were these trees and birds, and i remember saying, "i know that we're the same. i know that we are. you have chlorophyll and i have blood and we both need oxygen and we both need food and we both need water" and then to those birds "i know that you're the same, i know that we both have life force" and i asked the universe to give me a life of physically experiencing my own connection to the life of everything, to every life in the universe, to all living things. i want to have real experiences in my physical body, i want to physically experience them so that i know in my own heart that my truth is my truth, that what i believe is mine. and i have been given all of it. it's really amazing. i was a really serious kid. so i told the universe that if i was not here to be uplifting to humanity then i didn't want to take up the precious resources of the planet. if i wasn't going to be of high use then it had to take me off. that was my deal with the universe. i was seven so yeah, i was a serious kid. and it's actually all happening. another mentor, that i haven't even mentioned, just came into my life and it's all coming together. and then you wrote to me and you said we're going to be there and we haven't heard from you and i said, "that's it, i'm going to do this, and i'm quitting my job, and i'm going to make the daily kindness happen".

mig. do you think of religion when you hear the word god? if yes, why?
sfc. yes i do think of religion. it depends on the context and who's saying it. sometimes, depending on whose using the word god, you can feel their own attachments and their own associations to it. however they decide to label themselves, if they're devout, how they consider themselves. people ask me all the time if i'm religions and i say no, i'm just really passionate about love, i'm passionate about being kind and i'm passionate about being in touch with your heart. do i use the word god? all the time. that's because i got over my own limitations with using the word god. i realised that i was literally taking people's definitions and believing them. i realised, what if i just know that those are out there and i allow myself to believe that parts of all of this is possible. enlightenment literally happens in an instant. it's an instantaneous happening. if enlightenment can happen in an instant, for a being, that has a human body, then i think that its pretty possible that anything is possible. i believe that that's such an incredible experience for someone, it's such an incredible happening of higher consciousness that how can we not believe that anything is possible? if enlightenment can happen, it's there.

mig. do you believe everything happens for a reason, or are we the reason why things happen?
sfc. yes, i do believe that in every moment everything is in some sort of perfect order. as insane as that can sound, i believe that there's a perfect order. for the suffering, for what we label as catastrophes that happen on the planet, for the great difference in the lives that people live and the lives that people are born into, i still believe that there is a perfect order. i believe that there's a reason for it, because i believe we come back many times around and so we're all meant to experience the greatest and most expanded realms of human experience that we can. i believe that our soul is meant to evolve by experiencing everything possible, because that moulds us, it creates and it allows us the space to become more passionate beings and i truly believe that that's why we're here. i don't believe that the outcome of any choice will be the same, i believe that we are actually more in the driver's seat, in some ways. there are certain things that you are meant to do and experience and certain places that you are meant to be. like here, today, for example. you're doing this and the ripple effect of this project is so far beyond anything you can imagine. there may be tones of thank you notes, there may be tones of feedback on the website, it may be written about in all these different places. but there will be other happenings in the world, there will be other moments, that a person smiles or open up to something else because they read it on this website for this project. you're touching lives that you'll never know you touched. there is a perfect order to that. there is a perfect order of inspiration and inspire means in spirit. there's a reason for everything. the more i ask for, living within that, and the more i ask to be of service within that, the more i know that i am and the more that things like this come into my life.

mig. define love. what does love mean for you?
sfc. that's a hard one. love is the most true and perfect connection to your own heart. it's really about that connection. we can all feel connected to each other in some ways but there's a relationship with your own heart that, when you work on it, when you really give it time and space and you invite that relationship to become bigger and deeper, that you can really start to feel. you embody that. everyone else feels it. i spend only a few minutes a day meditating but, inexplicably, people ask me about it all the time, people i've never met, strangers on the street, they ask me what i do. i watch that cultivation of me, cultivating love and cultivating forgiveness and kindness for myself, i watch that come all the way around. i just observe it, it just happens. i can't stop it and loving yourself feels pretty good. being good to yourself feels amazing and so love is the reason we're here. love is that deepest connection within ourselves that allows us to embody it within every relationship in our lives and in the way that we walk this earth.

mig. do you think love is something all life forms share?
sfc. in some way, yes. i think love is also associated with all life force energy. for some people life force energy is just energy, it's just science, it exists and that idea would be attaching an emotion to it, but there is something very energetic about love and so for me they are not synonymous, but intertwined.

mig. what in your opinion can make a relationship last a whole lifetime?
sfc. love. presence. breath. a practice. a momentary practice, not just a daily practice, but a momentary practice. love is a momentary practice. there are moments of the day where most of us, as human beings, are reactionary or irrational. sometimes the irrational is associated with paying attention to something bigger, to the unseen, to intuition, and so it can sometimes not doing the rational thing is important, but for a lot of people when you describe someone as doing something irrational you're describing them as not doing the right thing in their mind and so love is a momentary tuning in. it's a momentary practice of observing yourself enough and being self aware enough and being aware of those around you enough that you can remain in a place of love. because when you can remain in a place of love, you can do anything. and that's what makes it last. being mindful.

mig. what have you learned about life so far?
sfc. that when you ask and you are open to receive in every possible way, everything you've asked for will come that can come. it's absolutely possible. i've learned that the realm of possibility is truly infinite. it feels good. i feel great. i'm so happy to be here. sometimes you're just in the zone, you can't stop it, it's all flooding in at the same time, it's all good. then other days you're asking, wait, why am i here? i have those moments all the time. wait, what am i doing? when it appears in some physical way that i wanted it to or that i thought it was going to. then i realise, i release my expectations and i say to myself that the universe is actually working on something far better than i could ever have imagined. it's accepting that within the unseen is the greater everything. there's more going on within the greater everything, within the unseen, with this than any of us can know right now, and that, to me is so fucking exciting. that's fun. i catch myself and tell myself "sarah you just took yourself to crazy town, get back here, what are you doing there? leave your baggage in crazy town and come on back".

mig. how would you describe us/humanity today?
sfc. i really believe that with humanity today, we're in a very unique moment in time. this is an opportunity for all of us to be opening up more and i believe that we are seeing people come into their own relationship with consciousness, even if they don't know it yet. it's happening all over, in a way that definitely didn't exist when i was a little kid. it's getting much bigger. i see it across all cultures, i see it across all age groups and i see a desire, an openness to connect, no matter if there's no language that's shared. you see it. you see people opening up to being kind, you see people opening up to loving life and those around them. i think that humanity is in a beautiful place and i think that in our lifetime we are going to witness some incredibly beautiful developments and shifts on the planet. you see people like john and jack rose doing these incredibly beautiful acts for others, for other people to live lives of higher health and more easeful lives. my dad was in the developing world from 1964 throughout his whole career and there are all these amazing projects that are happening now. it's amazing, the internet is such an incredible tool, it's amazing.

thank you sarah fina connerley for participating in the 'mig' project.

videography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.
photography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.

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