what is god for you?

michelle violy harper
date of birth.
place of birth.
bogota, colombia
brand consultant
things are not as they are, they are as we are.
they and that are us, which is i.

mig. in the video you were asked what god is for you. is there something you wish to add?
mvh. no.

mig. is the word god controversial for you? if yes why?
mvh. yes, people attach one fixed ideology to the word and can become defensive regarding the word and concept.

mig. do you think of religion when you hear the word god? if yes, why?
mvh. for myself, no. i understand that for others, yes.

mig. do you believe everything happens for a reason, or are we the reason why things happen?
mvh. i believe in interdependence, so in essence both.

mig. define love. what does love mean for you?
mvh. i don’t feel comfortable defining it, i do feel comfortable feeling it and spreading it.

mig. do you think love is something all life forms share?
mvh. i do believe all life forms share elements of love.

mig. what in your opinion can make a relationship last a whole lifetime?
mvh. understanding, generosity, patience, compassion, inspiration, diligence, commitment, education, admiration, communication, honesty, non-attachment and various other elements but these are the core ideas that come to mind.

mig. what have you learned about life so far?
mvh. so much and so little at the same time. living is learning, perhaps that is what I have truly learned above all else.

mig. how would you describe us/humanity today?
mvh. frenetic.

thank you michelle violy harper for participating in the 'mig' project.

videography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.
photography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.

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