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mig. in the video you were asked what god is for you. is there something you wish to add?
jvs. god for me is infinite intelligence. it's things beyond the binary that our minds can't grasp and, for me, god is the comfort of my own chaos.
ag. god for me is a state of being, it's living in harmony, living in love, living with positivity and light, trying to be as positive, motivating and inspiring as possible, bringing that light to other people and inspiring. all encompassing light and energy, i think that's god for me.

mig. is the word god controversial for you? if yes why?
jvs. no. i think religion is controversial but god is not controversial. i think that when god becomes controversial it's egotistical. i think god is the abstract and that even an agnostic, an atheist, or a believer in whatever it is can look into the sky and say "how did we get here?". for me that motion is god, the "how did we get here", and to me that's not controversy, it's just life.
ag. i don't think the word god is controversial, i just think it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. these strong viewpoints put in a room together may be controverse. i think that everyone has their own personal view, or group view, on what god is, who he is, she is, it is. i think because you can't define it and everyone has their own point of view on the matter, its something that a lot of people can't see eye to eye with. i think that's where the situation lies, with all the different viewpoints.

mig. do you think of religion when you hear the word god? if yes, why?
jvs. i try hard not to think about religion when i think about god; i think we've seen a lot of what fanaticism does or fundamentalism does or inherent belief in something does. it's dangerous, because if god is infinite it's hard to be definite, and so religion for me is something i try not to hear when i talk about god. to me religion and god are two separate things; religion sounds more to me like politics and god sounds more like energy.
ag. i don't think of religion when i hear the word god because i think god is my own personal influence in life. anybody wants to take their own view on god, so i don't think religion. the word religion makes me think of organization, where everyone believes the same thing, the word god itself has its own personal experience.

mig. do you believe everything happens for a reason, or are we the reason why things happen?
jvs. i think it's both. i think it's probably even more than that; it's what our human minds have to construct, it's our attempt to put things in the binary. i'm a man of science; newtonian physics says that everything that's happening has an equal and opposite reaction; something is happening until something else happens to it and then it changes path. but i also believe in self fulfilling prophecies. i believe in positive thought and that thought affecting the environment around you. i think that there's a default mechanism, which is that whatever happens to you, you allow it happen to you, and then there's a proactive mechanism, which is you combatting the negative thought in the atmosphere with positive thought, and that is you willing your way into the world.
ag. that's a good question. i think it's a little of both. if everything happens for a reason, then we're just puppets going through life. i think that we do have influence in what happens in our life but i think that if we're doing it in the right way, how we're supposed to be doing things, then the things that are supposed to happen, happen. i think it's a little bit of both, it's not one way or the other.

mig. define love. what does love mean for you?
jvs. love is empathy, love is humility and love can also mean arrogance. for me those are the three things.
ag. love for me means total acceptance of the other person or idea. it doesn't even have to equate with a relationship, it can be just a full release of any prejudice or any viewpoint that might impact you in a negative way. a full openness that allows the energies and light to come in you. feeling a full release, i think that's love. it's being free; it's almost like free falling. being free to let any emotion come inside of you, negative or positive, i feel that that's love.

mig. do you think love is something all life forms share?
jvs. yes, amongst the other emotions and energies, of course. i think love is a communication and it's non-verbal. well, most of it is non verbal. I think that love is something that touches everything in this plane of existence; if you observe different types of life forms, from the most animate, like animals and humans, to blades of grass and even to water (some might say), i think that love has an impact, a mindset; it affects aesthetics, it affects environments, it's really an infinite thing and the closest thing we have to god. to understand god, i really think it's love. so yes, i do think think all life forms feel that.
ag. yes, because even a blade of grass on the sidewalk of a polluted street is still getting the sunlight, it's still living and it's getting the raindrops. it's open to receiving; i think that anything that's living is open to love.

mig. what in your opinion can make a relationship last a whole lifetime?
jvs. doing the opposite of thinking about a lifetime. living moment to moment. life is a series of parallels and moments, so i think if you try to focus on the moments and you do the best you can in that moment, just being present in moments, it's the best you can do. then you look up and look back and suddenly it's a lifetime. i think it's actually doing the opposite of thinking about lifetime, it's thinking about the moment you're in.
ag. honesty. not putting pressure into trying to live to an ideal of what you think is completely living and being. not having an expectation to achieve something you have created as an ideal in your mind, putting a false pressure on yourself. i think that full honesty, full acceptance, support and just really loving that person allows for a lifetime of growth and journey.

mig. what have you learned about life so far?
jvs. life can be awful. when it's not awful, you should appreciate that its not awful. that's what life has taught me. there's a lot of instances in life where you can see that life is hell for that person or hell for yourself in that moment, so if at the moment you don't have a hellish life then you should really enjoy it to the max because life is awful.
ag. that you really never know everything about life. you know that you don't know. it's never what you expect and it's always a roller coaster of different events. what you want is not always what you get but what you get is often what you really need. its exciting and you can never really know what to expect.

mig. how would you describe us/humanity today?
jvs. us. chaos. humanity is humanity, it's the human experience. how can we judge it? we only live in this lifetime; it's self referential in a sense. humanity just is. i'm excited for the human race because it's an interesting time where we all have access to knowledge; i'm excited about that. that, to me, is what makes me the most excited about this human experience and our humanity. is it going to create more humanity? i don't know. is it going to create more sociopaths? i don't know. but i know right now that i'm excited for humans because knowledge is such a powerful thing and the lack of information, was in the past such a detriment to the species. i think information and shared experiences are allowing for humanity to have more empathy for each other and so i'm excited about that. of course there's chaos but that, for me, is the one thing i can pull out from that and say that it's the first time in our known history that we can have information at our fingertips.
 That is power in everyone's hands literally, scientifically & figuratively has the potential to empower everyone. A little knowledge goes a long way.
ag. humanity can be a bit sad. it's very complex. i think there's so many polar opposites to humanity; you have people that are awful to each other and don't care about humanity and then you have others that really want to make this world a better place; so i think there's really a lot of different angles to humanity. ultimately i would like to believe that believe that we are moving in a positive direction, but humanity is always very surprising to me.

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