what is god for you?

erik bucci
date of birth.
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new jersey, usa
heart-based living.

mig. in the video you were asked what god is for you. is there something you wish to add?
eb. nope.

mig. is the word god controversial for you? if yes why?
eb. it can be if you attach religious doctrine to it, that is extreme and counterintuitive to what god is.

mig. do you think of religion when you hear the word god? if yes, why?
eb. that's a label that's been put on it.

mig. do you believe everything happens for a reason, or are we the reason why things happen?
eb. we ourselves have so much to do with the things that happen in our lives. the fallacy for many people is that they're trapped in this cycle of thought, action and reaction. without adjusting or changing tactics this continues to perpetuate similar results. we've all fallen into a feeling of victimisation, of being subject to circumstances beyond our control. however, we ourselves create the circumstances that surround us to a high degree. yes, things do happen for a reason. but, there's a million possibilities that could happen in the next two seconds. we have more control than most realise.

mig. define love. what does love mean for you?
eb. i would say that the idea of god in my mind can be experienced physically as unconditional love. this is without expecting anything in return, without a prerequisite of who or what, without any qualification for what should be granted. it's compassion, caring for others, and it's extremely difficult for most people including me. i think a lot of people have a hard time really being able to love unconditionally. insecurities are the biggest obstacle. if we can train ourselves to always come from a place of unconditional love then that's going to be mirrored in our surroundings and in the situations we find ourselves in.

mig. do you think love is something all life forms share?
eb. yes i think even things that we don't realise are alive have a love for other energies, other beings, other forms of life. our planet, in scientific opinion is a macro-organism. and i think that we can experience the love our planet has for us when we have these moments of connection with it. like on the beach and we're experiencing its beautiful surroundings. we're living in an environment that supports life. earth is our species' mother allowing us to have this experience. we cannot forget that we also must love her back.

mig. what in your opinion can make a relationship last a whole lifetime?
eb. i think it takes a lot of compromise, and it's a constant work-in-progress. it doesn't come easy, for me anyway. i believe that the way we've been programmed as separate and individual is counter intuitive to forming lasting relationships. honestly, i can't really give advice on the subject, because i don't feel i've had a relationship that lasted that long except with family members. i'm not an expert on the matter, but what i will say is that if you can put your needs second, i think it will go a long way.

mig. what have you learned about life so far?
eb. i've learned a lot. i think to abandon judgement and to embrace compassion is probably one of the greatest lessons anyone can learn. i'm constantly challenged with this. am i successful at it all the time? no. i mean not everyone is, very few i would think will always be able to come from a place of compassion all the time. but of course there is so much more i want to learn.

mig. how would you describe us/humanity today?
eb. i would say we are oppressed. what i mean by that is, most of the world is deprived and in service of a smaller part of the population. for me i'm thankful to be in a place that is not as deprived. i think there's a lot of work that needs to be done. there are a lot of people who are headed in the right direction. but there are also a lot of people that are not awake or conscious of the nature of their situations or feel powerless to create real change. if we think a little bit more about our future and less about the past that would be a good start.

thank you erik bucci for your participation in the 'mig' project.

videography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.
photography by mig. all rights reserved 2014.

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